A Plus Garage Door is a premier service provider, dedicated to offering exceptional garage door repair and affordable garage door replacement in the Murray Hill and surrounding areas. Our commitment to offer high quality Garage Door Service has enabled us to expand in the garage door industry and we strive hard to go beyond the expectation of clients while rendering our immaculate services. You can count on A Plus Garage Door to help you with all your garage door. Repair/ Garage Door Replacement needs.

We are well versed in handling large and small garage repairs with a commitment to excellence. When you need Garage Door Service, we understand that you need a flawless and trustworthy service right away to safe guard your home and family. Whether you are looking for fixing a new garage door opener, garage door lifter, or a garage door spring, A Plus Garage Door is at your disposal to offer 24-hour emergency service. We use only highest quality parts and materials to repair Garage Door Murray Hill properly at a price affordable to you.

A Plus Garage Door understand very well that it is far more less costly to fix a garage door rather than to replace it, so our expert technicians work hard to extend affordable preventive maintenance through safety inspections and Garage Door Repair Murray Hill, rather than recommending for new Garage Door Installation, unless it necessary. Our trained technicians can Replace Garage Door broken spring or garage door lifter in a matter of hours and provide you the satisfaction that it is worth the investment you made. In case your garage door is beyond repair or you just want to enhance the elegance and value of your home, we can offer high quality Garage Door Installation services.

Some of the Garage Door Repair services that we extend to customers are:

  • Broken Spring
  • Springs are essential for lifting garage door. Due to normal wear and tear and weight of the garage door, springs will eventually break. Our expert technicians can adjust the tension of older springs or replace broken springs with new one.

  • Opener Problems
  • At times, openers break down due to overstress or age. Mostly the gears or traveler wear out and our techs are well equipped to resolve such issues in a hassle-free manner.

  • Off track or jammed door
  • Garage doors often will come off track due to getting bumped or due to an obstruction. Our expert technicians can repair, balance and align the entire garage door system and restore normalcy.

  • Damaged or bent panels
  • The panels can get damaged by the garage door coming off track or by getting bumped into. We can efficiently replace a single panel without replacing the entire door.

  • Cables thrown, frayed or broken
  • Over a period, the stress on the cables can cause fraying or loosening. Our service technicians are equipped with new cables in stock and can repair or replace them and make your garage door up and running.