A Plus Garage Door is one of the premier service providers for installing and repairing garage doors to a wide clientele across Mount Tabor. During our tenure in this field for more than 30 years, our focus is on safety and security of the garage door installed/ repaired for customers. This is the reason why we thoroughly check all the components of your garage door, especially your cables, once the door is either installed or repaired by our technicians.

One of the issues that affect the working of the garage door is a malfunction cable. The cable lifts the weight of the heavy garage door with the tension provided by the springs. This means that the cables need to bear the brunt of the work of the entire garage door mechanism, with the result, it is more prone to a great deal of tension and wear and tear. The work of replacing or maintaining your garage door cables ought to be handled by professionals only having proper training and tools. A Plus Garage Door service professionals have undergone rigorous training addressing garage door cable faults. When you call Garage Door Repair Mount Tabor professionals to access for your cable repair needs, they guarantee top quality service.

Our technical support services

Our customers can enjoy a wide range of Garage Door Service support that is accessible 24/7. We have a team of skilled and experienced technicians, that can offer both scheduled and emergency technical support services across Mount Tabor. Our support services are aimed at preserving the original quality of the garage door for reduced maintenance and replacement costs. We timely deliver the following services to customers;

  • Installation Garage door
  • Repair services
  • Replacement services
  • Garage doors insulation
  • Routine maintenance

A Plus Garage Door have all the best and high-quality door accessories from the top brands. When our technicians call on you to age door brands. Whatever is your need for your Garage Door Mount Tabor service, we are sure to have them in our comprehensive inventory. We have the expertise for Garage Door Installation Mount Tabor in different styles, materials, colours, designs etc. So, whenever you look for Garage Door Replacement, we can offer best services beyond your expectation. Whenever our technicians call on you to Replace Garage Door, they offer guidance on the maintenance of the door once it is installed to ensure smooth operation.