Are you a garage owner facing problem of your garage door making unpleasant noise or not opening at all? In such situations, the best option for you is to call the A Plus Garage Door technician; we can carry out a detailed inspection of your garage door and render necessary Garage Door Repair Hopatcong that is affordable, and our specialists are well trained to offer the needed Garage Door Service and ensure that your garage door is running smoothly. Also, we have in our inventory the needed spare parts to service and repair all makes and models of residential & commercial garage doors.

Below is a list of some of the most common Garage Door Service that we do.

  • Garage Door Repair -Rollers
  • “Off Track Garage Door” is among the common critical issues the garage owners face with their garage door. Attempt to repair this on your own can cause the door easily to fall on your car or on top of you and suffer serious injury. Our expert Garage Door Hopatcong technicians can set right door rollers that are bent or door that has come off the track with precision and accuracy.

  • Garage door opener-issue
  • Your garage door opener can slowly turn from a hassle to a hazard, unless it is repaired with the help of professionals of A Plus Garage Door. If needed, our Garage Door Installation technician can resort to replace with a new door opener and get rid of your hassle. That is the reason why we provide customers with same day garage door opener repair emergency service.

  • Repair or replace Broken Extension Springs
  • Usually there are two kinds of garage door springs – torsion springs and extension springs. Each individual spring is meant to handle a certain number of cycles cycle equals one open/close of the door. But in due course, these springs will wear. So, it is best to change both these springs at the same time to eliminate the cost and hassle of repairing the door again and again. We at A Plus Garage Door Stock Door springs that suits all types of doors, so you need not go in search of springs for your door. Our expert technicians of Garage Door Installation Hopatcong are experts in fixing these springs in a safe and secure manner.

  • Installation of Garage Door
  • It is a dream of every home owner to install a garage door that add to the value and ambience of the property. At A Plus Garage Door, our Garage Door Installation technicians help customers to choose the correct door that best suits their living space and accomplish the task beyond the expectation of customers. Also, if customers would like to Replace Garage Door that is worn-out or out of date model, we are happy to install a new one after removing the old door.