A Plus Garage Door is an eminent Garage Door Service provider for both residential as well as commercial garage needs. Located in Florham Park, we strive hard to. resolve all your garage door issues you encounter with professionalism.

Our expert team of Garage Door Florham Park technicians can undertake repair of virtually any brand, material, style, or type of garage door. Our aim is to get your garage door working again fast, correctly, and in a cost-effective manner. All our professionals are licensed, insured, and committed to deliver utmost customer satisfaction.

Garage doors depend on heavy-duty springs to function smoothly and so most garage door manufacturers use torsion springs to facilitate the heavy lifting by the garage door. At A Plus Garage Door, we stock high quality torsion springs and our technicians are well trained to assess your door issue and fix your broken garage door springs in a fool proof manner.

When you call our technicians, you can count on them forGarage Door Replacement ring in three easy steps:

  • Replacing both springs:
  • Most of the garage doors are fixed with two springs at the same time. So, if find that when your garage door’s torsion springs breaks, it is possible that the other spring also is nearing the end of its lifespan. After careful examination of your garage door, if it is ascertained that a broken spring is the root cause of malfunctioning of your door, our expert technicians will successfully do Garage Door Repair Florham Park by replacing both the springs.

    As the garage doors come in all styles, sizes, and weights, our qualified technicians are aware of as to install the apt springs that suits your door. Once the springs are installed, the Garage Door Installation Florham Park technicians will check and ensure that whether the correct springs have been fixed, by doing a balance test.

  • Safety inspection:
  • A Plus Garage Door understands that the safety of your family is your top priority. After working to Replace Garage Door spring, our professionals will offer a free safety inspection to ensure whether all the hardware and moving parts of your garage door are in proper working condition.